On the occa­si­on of the 300th anni­ver­s­a­ry of the city Lud­wigs­burg, the Film­aka­de­mie Baden-Würt­tem­berg GmbH made the movie Stadt­lü­cken – “a jour­ney to unex­plo­red pla­ces wit­hin Lud­wigs­burg“.

A pic­tu­re of our socie­ty, far off the Ger­man stan­dard.
An extra­or­di­na­ry por­trait, sho­wing unex­plo­red cor­ners of a Swa­bi­an city and obser­ving human beings who are ope­ra­ting with gre­at pas­si­on out­si­de the lime­light. A city in which pro­se­cu­tors work the reapp­rai­sal of the Natio­nal Socia­list cri­mes, just as futu­ro­lo­gist of robo­tics and artists are sett­led. A place whe­re fan com­mu­nities and DJs pur­sue their pas­si­on.

Source: stadtjubilaeum-ludwigsburg.de/stadtluecken

Ab minu­te 25 onward, we, the start-up Intra­lo­gistic Robo­tics, are shown. Chris­to­pher Par­litz, mana­ger of our start-up, talks about futu­ro­lo­gy as well as robo­tics and their role in the socie­ty.

Here’s the link to the movie – have fun watching!