Intel­li­gent rou­te plan­ning

the new navi­ga­ti­on soft­ware for auto­no­mous dri­ving of dri­v­er­less trans­port sys­tems


User-fri­end­ly and intel­li­gent app­li­ca­ti­on logic and user inter­face

  • Easy and fle­xi­ble defi­ni­ti­on of the trans­port order
  • Seam­less inte­gra­ti­on in avail­ab­le Manu­fac­tu­ring Exe­cu­ti­on Sys­tems for auto­ma­tic assign­ment of trans­port orders by means of intel­li­gent sche­du­ling

Easy to use and effi­ci­ent exe­cu­ti­on of trans­port orders, as well as intel­li­gent sche­du­ling and sequence con­trol

  • Dyna­mic allo­ca­ti­on of orders to indi­vi­du­al AGVs of a robot fleet in real time
  • Con­ti­nuous exe­cu­ti­on super­vi­si­on with auto­ma­tic mit auto­ma­ti­scher replan­ning if requi­red
  • Pre­dic­tion of the esti­ma­ted time of arri­val with pre­dic­tive bat­te­ry manage­ment of the fleet gua­ran­tees a 24/7 avai­la­bi­li­ty

Intel­li­gent rou­te plan­ning, self-loca­li­za­ti­on and obsta­cle avo­id­ance

  • Rou­te plan­ning on the basis of latest AI algo­rith­mic with online traf­fic manage­ment
  • Sen­sor-based self-loca­li­za­ti­on of the AGVs by means of sta­tis­tic methods deli­vers a con­ti­nuous­ly updated, joint pic­tu­re of the envi­ron­ment
  • Mini­mal, phy­si­cal envi­ron­men­tal chan­ges enab­le alrea­dy high­ly pre­ci­se loca­li­za­ti­on
  • Dyna­mic obsta­cle avo­id­ance rea­li­zes safe but effi­ci­ent order exe­cu­ti­on


Chris­to­pher Par­litz
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