the new soft­ware for auto­no­mous dri­ving of indus­tri­al trucks

The self-loca­li­za­ti­on is a cru­ci­al key tech­no­lo­gy in the envi­ron­ment of Indus­try 4.0. For the ori­en­ta­ti­on of auto­no­mous vehi­cles we do not bet on infra­st­ruc­tu­re depen­dent solu­ti­ons such as magne­tic rails or reflec­tors, but attach our pre­ci­se, as well as fast- and intui­ti­ve-to-set-up self-loca­li­za­ti­on soft­ware solu­ti­on direc­t­ly at the trucks. As an initi­al map­ping, the soft­ware auto­no­mously crea­tes a map of the envi­ron­ment. Fol­lo­wing, the soft­ware allows the pre­ci­se self-loca­li­za­ti­on of the posi­ti­on and ori­en­ta­ti­on of the rele­vant vehi­cles. During fur­ther ope­ra­ti­on, the map infor­ma­ti­on are updated con­ti­nuous­ly and sha­red with the ent­i­re vehi­cle fleet.

By what our solu­ti­on is dis­tin­guis­hed:



  • One-click-map­ping: simp­le map­ping due to inno­va­ti­ve algo­rithm
  • Infra­st­ruc­tu­re inde­pen­dent: no mar­kers or reflec­tors nee­ded
  • Wide selec­tion of LiDAR sen­sors app­li­ca­ble
  • WiFi and odo­me­try optio­nal­ly inte­grable
  • Edge or cloud based solu­ti­on
  • Por­ta­ble to various hard­ware
  • Intui­ti­ve use wit­hout expert know­ledge

& GO

  • High-pre­cisi­on loca­li­za­ti­on in cen­ti­met­re ran­ge
  • Robust in all envi­ron­ments
  • High relia­bi­li­ty and avai­la­bi­li­ty
  • Online map update
  • Mul­ti-hypo­the­sis tracking
  • Auto­ma­tic re-loca­li­za­ti­on
  • Seman­ti­cal map­ping


Chris­to­pher Par­litz
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